Thursday, October 25, 2007

Erin Blatzer, blog editor

Erin is a science geek with a communications degree that lucked into the world's best job - which is mainly composed of talking, writing and now, blogging about the amazing variety of cool stuff that happens at The Houston Museum of Natural Science every day.

She's twice narrowly escaped heat stoke while digging with the team in Seymour - and loved every minute. She also has experience handling snakes, eating bugs, transporting chickens, frogs and other live animals, and generally discovering how many fascinating stories there are to tell about the fine people she works with. She's excited to have the chance to help the team share their story with you this week, and hopes you'll visit the blog often to catch up on their exploits.


Anonymous said...

Hey There! You're doing great - this is really cool! Your mom told my mom about it, etc. :) Love ya!

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