Sunday, October 28, 2007

Eryops - Permian Jaws

Eryops was the Permian Jaws - a seven to eight foot chunky amphibian, covered with armor, and with a head like an alligator, including the dangerous, strong jaws. Despite Dimetrodon's place as king of the Permian food chain, a smart one wouldn't go too close to the water's edge. Eryops could take out a juvenile Dimetrodon, no problem, and even a mature Dimetrodon might find himself on the business end of a row of razor sharp teeth. Kind of like Godzilla vs. King Kong.

Eryops was the top water-based predator of the time, and would have eaten anything in and around the water's edge. If not for later Triassic amphibians, he would have bragging rights for largest amphibian ever. As a cold-blooded amphibian, he would have grown slowly and lived to terrify fish and other aquatic species for a very long time - perhaps 100 years. In Seymour, the team has found fragments of Eryops skull and jawbone.

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