Monday, November 5, 2007

Kathleen Zoehfeld, Volunteer Team Member

With a Master's degree in English literature and creative writing, you might wonder how Kathleen Zoehfeld ended up digging fossils on the Craddock Ranch this week with the Museum's team.

It all started when she helped develop a geology class for science-phobic humanities majors. After graduating, she became an editor of science books for kids, eventually deciding, "I can do that!" She currently has over 60 science titles for children in print, including Dinosaur Babies and What's Alive? This spring, she'll release the latest title, Finding the First T. Rex, based on recently released historical papers.

She has been digging with Dr. Bakker at Como Bluff in Wyoming for 7 years. Of Texas, she says that "everything is either very big, or bites, or is poisonous. And, it's hotter here. But it is also more beautiful than any place I've ever been." It's also more personal - the "K" in the K2 site that the Museum team is excavating this week stands for "Kat," in her honor.


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