Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tarrington Rivers, Student Team Member

Tarrington Rivers is a freshman at Seymour High School who is "fascinated by paleontology."

"I go fossil hunting with my uncle from Fort Worth about 4 times a year, just looking around in dried creek beds. I am very fascinated by these simple fossils, and look forward at a chance to dig with a professional, especially with someone as prestigious as Dr. Bakker."

After high school, Tarrington plans to get a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech.
Check back later this week to find out what Tarrington uncovers in the field with Dr. Bakker and the HMNS team.


Taylor G said...

Did you have fun? Well way to go on finding a new site to dig at!!!


Anonymous said...

hey...did you have fun....


Anonymous said...

Tayler: Hey boo!!!I hope you had fun yesturday!! Did you find a lot of great things? I hope you will share all your great news with us!!!!
Jacey: WOW! I saw all of the cool fossils that you found and they look great! Hope you had fun!!

Anonymous said...

Hey bud..Hope you had fun!


Mom said...

We are proud of you! Enjoy this experience. Keep striving to reach your dreams. Most of all have fun!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Tarrington about the fossils, I knew that you had it in you the whole time

Anonymous said...

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